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Happy New Year everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick little post about what I wish for 2014.

2013 contained many downs and a couple of ups. I moved twice. My house was broken into. I got a promotion at work. My son’s father has been spending a little time with him (GASP!). I ended a relationship in 2012 and remained single throughout 2013, except for a short 3 month relationship that never got physical lol.

In 2014, I would love for my son’s father to be more involved in his life. It’s so important for him to be there. I can’t show a little boy how to be a man. I can only show him what I think a man should be. How the hell do I know? I didn’t grow up with an active father. No one showed me what a man is.

In 2014, I want to manage my money better. Last year I started an IRA. I do have pensions, but I figured an IRA wouldn’t hurt. I will be opening another IRA. I want to better my credit. I want to buy a house in the next 3 years. I need to have a HOME, not just a place to live. I want to show my son that we don’t have to miss out on anything because we aren’t a two parent household. Mommy’s got this!

In 2014, I don’t want to be lonely anymore lmao. No, seriously! I don’t want to be lonely. I want to be loved. Last year, I met some folks, some were good and some were not. Actually none of them were good for me. After my last relationship I can’t sit around waiting on anyone! Been there done that! We are all grown, if you want to be with someone, TELL them. Stop playing childish games! I just want people to be adults, grow up and say how you feel. Stop labeling people as counters, lonely, thirsty and all that other bullshit simply because they’re showing interest in you!

In 2014 I just want to keep progressing. Be great in everything you do this year! Like Dori, in Finding Nemo, just keep swimming! 🙂