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About a week ago on fb, I asked a question. “How long have you been with your significant other?”. The answers ranged anywhere from 1 month (me lol) to 25+ years. After these answers, I then asked “Are you still in love with them?”.

Unfortunately, no one answered that question. Instead, I was told how women have so much of a leverage on men. I was told how he cheats because he pays all the bills and the kids college educations are paid for all on his dime. It seemed like he was saying that because he takes care of everything financially, he is entitled to cheat. That there is no sense in leaving because she would then get half of everything that he worked so hard for.

I don’t understand. How does being financially responsible for your family make you feel like you should be allowed to cheat? Why continue to be with someone that you are not in love with? Did he really work hard all alone to achieve his status in life right now? Would it be wrong to assume that she also had to have played some role in helping him achieve his success? Isn’t that what a partner does? If not, I have to ask again, what is the point of continuing?

I have also been told to accept the fact that all men cheat. That humans are not monogamous creatures, we just like to pretend. I don’t know if that’s a fair assumption. I mean, I don’t know any men who haven’t cheated lol but I’m sure there are plenty who haven’t. I refuse to believe all men cheat. My happy ending doesn’t involve cheating dammit!


What are your thoughts?