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Single until Married.

This has been on my mind for quite some time now. Around the same time that my relationship was ending, I began conversing with a guy I had met. I asked if he was single and he responded, “I’m single until I’m married”. That made me raise an eyebrow. I had never looked at in that way. I always looked at as you’re not single if you’re in a relationship with someone.

So I asked my fb and twitter friends if they agreed with that statement. To my surprise, everyone who answered agreed with it. LOL! They all said that you’re single until married because relationships aren’t recognized. There’s no option for “in a relationship” when they ask for your marital status. In that way, you are considered single until married. If you’re in a relationship,  you’re not single. Aren’t you committed in a relationship? Does that count for anything?

I guess I kind of feel like that’s just an excuse for people to continue to act a fool. Especially men! For example, the guy that sparked this post actually came clean. After 2 months of getting to know him, again I asked “are  you single?”. He responded “It’s complicated.She lives in another state.” WTF! Why wasn’t that said from the very beginning? It’s not like the question changed. I asked the exact same question, yet I got 2 different answers. Why?

*cues Chief Keef ‘I Don’t Like’*

And then the married men. Girrrrrrrl (or boy) they are special. I don’t understand. Why get married if you’re not going to be faithful to your wife. Why are you messaging the next woman on a daily basis? Where is your wife? How can you possibly have the time to do all these things? I feel bad for these women because a lot of them have no idea what he’s doing. It almost makes me not want to get married.  Almost. I just hope that one day I will be lucky enough to have a husband will be faithful to me.

One last thing. Why are men who are involved so intrigued by single women?


What are your thoughts?