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A few weeks ago, Up4dsn asked a question on twitter, the question was “What are your thoughts on interracial dating?” (something like that). I responded and said it that doesn’t bother me, it’s 2011 and people should be able to date anyone. Another user responded and said it did bother her (she’s black) and me and him both asked why. After she responded, this random guy tweets both her and I and says something like “maybe if you learned how to suck a dick right and take a nigga shopping we wouldn’t be dating white girls” and then he goes on to say “I bet money that neither one of you can deep throat my dick” WTF

Of course I responded to his ignorant ass. My response was that I NEVER said I had an issue with interracial dating and that he should try reading the whole conversation before he responds to other people about shit that had NOTHING to do with him. I also told I don’t NEED  to learn how to do a damn thing, I have a man who is beyond satisfied with my skills *giggles*. But seriously, what kind of coke is this man on? What I got from his response is that he dates white girls because they deep throat and take him shopping…NEGRO!! If that’s your reason for dating a white girl, then you are all kinds of fucked up!

Perhaps, the problem isn’t black women, maybe the problem is YOU! Maybe she isn’t sucking you off because your dirty or just because you’re IGNORANT! That was made clear by his entire response. He sounds like a broke ass black man who can’t take care of himself so he relies on weak women to do it for him. I know plenty of black women who have no problem pleasing their man or buying things for him. The problem starts when the man expects all that from a woman but does not give her anything in return. What kind of shit is that?!

I was extremely pissed (so pissed that I blocked and reported him as spam lol) about his response to me, especially since it was completely unnecessary. Like I said, I never said I had an issue with dating outside of my race, nor do I have a problem with black men dating outside their race. It’s not my concern, It’s 2011 and people should be free to date whomever. What is the big damn deal?

Black people are always screaming about equality and injustices and this, that and the other but get their panties all bunched up because people want to date outside their race. Get over it! Instead of coming down on the black man for dating outside of his race, maybe you should go do the same. You both being black doesn’t mean that you’re meant to be together. You don’t know what GOD has planned for you. Open your mind, step outside the box and try it.

What are your thoughts on interracial dating? Is it wrong for a black man to date outside of his race? Are you threatened by white women who date black men? I need to know!