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The other day I was on twitter and a handful of people I follow all seemed to be talking about the same thing. A guy who was REALLY emotional about something that happened with him and a woman. I’m nosey (lol) so I took a peek at the guy’s timeline. It was very obvious that he was extremely hurt by whatever happened between him and this woman. He was tweeting that he had been crying, how hurt he was, and so on.

For some odd reason, these handful of people I follow all thought it was funny that this man was tweeting things like this. They teased this man like no other, telling him things like he should go kill himself, he’s acting like a woman, he’s psycho, insane, crazy and blah blah blah. Some of them even said that twitter is not the place for him to vent these kinds of feelings. I was seriously bothered by this!

Who are they to tell this man where he should and should not vent his feelings? We can all agree that sometimes we feel like certain things should be left off of social networking sites. But let’s be REAL here. Not everyone has someone who they can physically go and talk to about their problems, some of us do but not all us. For some, social networking is the only way to vent their feelings. If you feel like twitter isn’t the place, why tease this man because of how he feels? That’s really childish.

Especially because a few of the people who teased him have been in their feelings on twitter on more than one occasion. One in particular is always in her feelings about a damn radio show and arguing with other people on twitter about it or constantly complaining how people are subtweeting and calling her fat. I don’t remember pointing a finger and laughing at her and telling her to go kill herself. Just the week before this man’s emotional rant, one of the other people who teased him was tweeting how she didn’t find out her child’s father’s real name until AFTER she had the baby and how she was hurt by it and how she had recently found out her (the teaser) own father had all these kids that she didn’t know about and how sad she was. I don’t remember anyone pointing a finger and laughing at her either. That’s emotional, is it not?

How you can condemn someone for being emotional on a social networking when you have been guilty of it yourself? The pot calling the kettle black right? I think so. These are all adults with children who decided to gang up on this man and tease him about his feelings. I’m disgusted by it. I have made a joke or two about people? Of course I have, we’re all guilty of that. But never have I condemned someone for the way they are feeling and tweeted them things like ‘go kill yourself’. What kind of bullshit is that? You’re an adult and should act like one.

God forbid, when their kid gets older and someone does the same exact thing to him, I guarantee you they wouldn’t want someone to tell their child to go kill themselves. I guess what I’m trying to say is that people need to mind their fucking business, social networking site or not! Who are you to judge him and say that he’s less of a man because he had an emotional rant?! He’s a HUMAN just like the rest of us and men have feelings just like women! Some are open about theirs while others are not!

I’m so disgusted by these people and the way they acted. Karma is the biggest BITCH I know and I’m sure she’s coming back around for their asses.

You don’t have to agree with someone does on social networking site, but you don’t have to judge, tease or bully them because of it. It’s childish..PERIOD! People need to grow up and stop trying to fit into twitter cliques and realize that we are all HUMANS with FEELINGS and not everyone has the same resources as you to express their feelings!