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So, my so-called friend who has been doing hair since we were teens asked me to come in to her school so she could do a doobie aka wash, set, blow out and wrapped, and a trim. I agreed.

I went this morning and let me just say that I am PISSED!! I walked out of there with BUSHY hair like a fucking lion and hair 2-3 inches shorter! What the fuck? Since when does a blow out mean bushy hair?! When did a trim mean to CUT 2-3 inches off of someone’s hair?!! Maybe I missed the memo.

I’m so mad at her I wanna spit in her eyeballs! Like, I want some serious phlegm to spit on her with. That’s how pissed I am. I won’t ever let her touch my hair again! EVER! She claims she only cut 1/8 of an inch…that’s bullshit! If that was true, my ponytail wouldn’t be 2-3 inches shorter!

I swear every time I let BLACK people touch my hair, they destroy it! Lesson learned! I will NEVER let another black person touch my hair! It seems they have no idea how to do black people’s hair.

First thing in the morning, I’m going to the DOMINICAN’S to get it done properly! I’m done with black folks and hair! EVERY experience was HORRIBLE!

From this point on, I’ll just stick to what I know…Dominican’s!!!