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A few weeks ago, I left my phone in the car while I went inside the school to get Tyler. When I got back to the car, I checked my phone and saw that I had 4 missed calls and a voicemail. Let me just let you all know that I was inside the school for less than 5 minutes. All 4 of the calls were from my cousin. Before calling her back, I decided to check the voicemail. This is what the voicemail said “Oh, you can pick up the phone when you need a babysitter, but you can’t answer the phone any other time. That’s some bullshit. I bet you’ll pick up the phone if it was about babysitting. I see how you doing it now. Keep it like that!!” In other words, kiss her ass. WTF! Really? It’s kiss your ass because I didn’t answer the phone when you called. If this isn’t bullshit, I don’t know what it is! Long story short, we’re no longer speaking! I refuse to waste my time and energy on dumb shit like that. People expect me to answer my phone as soon as it starts ringing. PLEASE!

Along with her, I have cut other people off too! Some were friends and some were family, either way, they all had to go! A person can only take so much before you get tired of dealing with people. In my case, I got tired of everything being one way. I was the only one initiating any kind of interaction, and that’s crazy to me. It takes two people to be in any form of a relationship, yet in all of these relationships, it seems as if I was in them alone. No more! Being in my life requires some type of initiation on your part. It could be a phone call or even a simple text message just to say hi. Nowadays, that is just too much to ask from some people. I am no longer asking.

I’ve decided to live my life in a way that I feel will benefit ME and TYLER the most. Doing that requires me to clear up the clutter and unnecessary bullshit. So far so good! I’m confident in my decision and I look forward to the future without the clutter! Yay me!!