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Here we go again! Another fb post lol oh well!

So, Dan and I have been friends for almost 5 years now. In the past couple months, we haven’t really talked much, if at all. I had sent several text messages that he hadn’t responded to. I logged into fb and saw that he had updated his status. A perfect time to write on his wall, so I did. “hey stranger!” is what I wrote. Immediately after I posted the comment, he deleted it. Now, I noticed he had a profile picture of him and a woman. I didn’t think anything of it because Dan has a lot of female friends and it isn’t uncommon for him to have a picture like that.

The deleting of my comment prompted me to check his info. What a fucking surprise? Dan is now in a relationship with none other than the woman in his profile picture. In my mind, he deleted my post because his girlfriend is insecure and it’s going to cause a problem, she has trust issues, or he is trying to hide our friendship. Either way, I decided to delete him from my page. Why? Well, why not? We’re obviously not friends. Girlfriend/Boyfriend or not, I’m not deleting a post that a male friend left on my wall. That is complete bullshit!

Friends are friends, no matter what! If he were to write on my wall, I wouldn’t delete it. There is no reason to. After deleting Dan, I saw that I had a new message in my inbox. Who was it from? No one but Dan’s simple ass. “Hey sexy, what’s up? how you doing?” NEGRO are you fucking serious? You delete my innocent wall post and then send me that kind of message! What the hell is going on here? I can’t stand people who do dumb shit like this. I mean, really! I’m sorry, but I can’t continue a friendship with someone who is trying to keep me in the dark. Fuck that! I don’t care if it is to spare your girl’s feelings!

Our friendship is over! I refuse to allow that in this stage of my life. That was something I might have put up with in my early 20’s, but not now. No way, no how. Tell your girl to step her game up and she won’t feel threatened by me. It’s not my fault she doesn’t look as good and you want me. *shrugs*