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So, umm…yeah I’m back on this Facebook shit!

In the past, people have always criticized me for saying how I feel via status updates. Why are you being emotional? Why are you putting your business out there? Wtf! Haven’t we all at one point in time used our social networks to be emotional? I know I have lol. I also realize that this may seem a little contradicting if you’ve read my latest post. But it really isn’t at all. That’s s different situation all together lol.

Today, a friend updated their status saying “I wish people would wear signs with real and fake on them instead of finding out when some bs happens”. Oh and let it be known that they NEVER have updates like this…NEVER! Now, I’ve know them for almost 5 years and we are VERY close. So I sent this person a text message, “hey, what’s wrong? everything ok?”

Immediately, the response is “wtf nothing is wrong. didn’t know I needed to explain myself every time I updated”. Now I’m pissed because there was absolutely no reason to respond like that, especially since said person is ALWAYS questioning me about my status updates!

So, it’s okay for them to constantly question me about my status but never shall I do the same when it comes to them. PLEASE!! That’s a double standard! Lead by example! Do unto others as you want done unto you! Need I say more? I think not! But I will lmao!

I’m just sick of people and these ridiculous, home grown, dumb ass double standards! So, for future reference, please miss me with the bullshit! Thank you 😉

P.S. I’ll just mind my damn business from now on lol