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Mothers Against Deadbeat Dads (that's what the t-shirt says)


For those of you who are new to my blog, here is a little back story. My son’s father and I don’t have any kind of relationship at all. I’m cordial if I see him, but that’s about it. He has NEVER done anything for my son and he has NEVER had any quality time with him. I don’t ask him or his family for anything, I’ve been doing it all from the very  beginning. My son will be 5 in 3 weeks. As you can see, I don’t give a fuck about this so-called man! And of course in conversation with many folks I have expressed that feeling.

Apparently, he got wind of this. LOL This man actually had the audacity to call me and try to curse me out. Negro! Are you serious? He actually picked up the phone to confront me because he heard that I said fuck him! LMAO! He sure does have some balls, or so he thinks. This proves to me that he really doesn’t give a damn about what’s going in Tyler’s life. He’s more concerned with stupid things! He didn’t even mention that I also say that he’s deadbeat and doesn’t do anything for Tyler. That wasn’t his concern.

I just can’t believe it! Seriously, if you’re going to call me, you should be calling me about YOUR son and NOTHING else! That’s all that matters! So what I said that, no one cares! It really isn’t that serious! In the 5 years Tyler has been on this earth, I have never bothered this man at all and he has the nerve to call me about that bullshit! He is such a sap sucker! Like, go sit yo ass down somewhere! LOL!

I’m happy to say that I am able to care for my son without the help of his uninvolved “dad”. And now that I have this fool’s number, I’m going  to add his ass to the IGNORE list so he can’t bother me! I’m really starting to believe that Tyler will be better off without him. If you’re not helping, you’re hurting….so, kick rocks BITCH! LMAO!

On a serious note, I hope he really sits down and THINKS about what he did and what he’s doing! He needs to grow up and be a MAN for once in his sorry ass life! LOL