I actually learned about blogging through links I saw on fb. There was a link to someone’s blog that a friend commented on and I was being nosey and I followed the link lol. Through that link, I found other blogs and took interest in the concept. I spent a little time reading different blogs and I thought about doing it. I figured I have a lot to say sometimes, things that you can’t always say on fb. Well, you can say them, but there is always that fear of being judged by those who know you. At least there is that fear for me. I finally decided to do it and I started my blog in November 2009. I have been doing it ever since. My posts are getting better with time. From my blog, you can find out who I am and that was my goal. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. Where would I be without my readers? Thanks for all your support! This blog helps keep me sane lol

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