Here you go!

Bag of Bones – My family called me this for a really long time because I was really skinny lol

Kiki – Obviously because my name is ‘Quiahna’…pronounced Kiana

Little Miss Muffet – My grandfather called me this. It’s an old cartoon we used to watch lol

Little LuLu – My grandfather also called me this and this was also a cartoon we used to watch together lol

Legs – I’m tall and have long legs

Manute Bol – One of the tallest to ever be in the NBA and known for his shot blocking skills. My uncle called me this because I used to play basketball and I was like Manute with his shot blocking…in yo face bitch!! lmao

Cupcake – My other uncle called me this because he said I was such a sweet kid like cupcakes lol

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