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Something I hate about myself…I don’t think I wanna do this part of the challenge lol. I’m sure we all hate something about ourselves. It’s always easier to focus on the negative instead of the positive. The negative is just easier to believe. The one thing I hate about myself is the fact that I’m an emotional person. More often than not, I’m more emotional than I would like to be. At times, I let things get to me that wouldn’t bother others at all. I guess that’s the difference between me and them.

This, I feel, is my biggest flaw and it’s something that I am in the process of working on. My goal is to change this part about myself. For once, I would like to just take things as they are and not be so easily bothered by things. It won’t be easy and I am a work in progress, but with faith and GOD on my side, all things are possible. So, there you have it folks! The one thing I hate about myself is that I’m too emotional.

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