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 Hey all…it’s that time again. Shout out Saturday!!  Shout Out Saturday helps us get to know other bloggers and other bloggers to get to know us, as well as helping to expand our readers. Everyone has a voice and what better way to be heard than blogging? With that being said, I would like to introduce you to Jsin. He is a great writer who has a voice! He speaks his mind and tells it like it is! No matter who you are, or where you are from, I am sure that you will find something of interest on his blog or his vlog. His vlog is hilarious by the way! Please welcome…..Jsin!!



I know many of my readers were probably thinking that I’ve become obsessed with my video blogs and that I’d completely abandoned my writing.  Well, that is not true.  I have a new post for you and I hope that you enjoy it.


 Have you ever met someone and they had nearly all of the qualities you desire in a partner? I mean not only were they attractive but the two of you got along really well and you could easily see yourself in a serious, long-term, committed relationship with them.  As perfect as this all sounds, you knew in the back of your mind that it was too good to be true.  But how could you not take a chance? This person could be the one.

So ignoring that little voice in the back of your head you take a chance with the person.  At first, everything seems to be going perfectly.  No drama, no fighting, nothing negative.  That is until the day arrives when you get that phone call or you hear that knock on the door.  Immediately you think to yourself: Who could this be? Soon enough you discover that it is the ex of the person you are currently dating.  What’s worse is that you realize that their ex is crazy.

What do you do?

How do you handle this situation?

Should you stay in the relationship?

Should you run as fast as you can away from it?

These are the questions that you will soon have to answer.  There is nothing worse than meeting an amazing person and later discovering that they have a crazy ex.  An ex that is unwilling to move on.  An ex that doesn’t know how to take a hint.  An ex that refuses to accept that their relationship is over.  Of course this person is only going to put a strain on your relationship.  They may be stalking your partner or harassing them on one of the many social networking sites.  They may be calling them, or even worse, calling you!

How would YOU handle this situation?

Have YOU ever been in a situation like this?

Me personally, I would want to stay in the relationship.  But I’m a person that cannot tolerate drama.  There is nothing better than a beautiful woman that I enjoy spending time with and who makes me happy.  But there is nothing worse than having to deal with someone else’s relationship baggage.  If the ex was extremely crazy I would probably have to exit stage left and leave that relationship and that woman alone.  If the ex finally was able to take a hint and move on I would be willing to look past the drama I had to endure.

I suppose the real question we have to answer is: What type of person is worth me putting up with their crazy azz ex?

If you’ve had an experience similar to this, share your story in the comments.  If you haven’t experienced this situation first hand, leave a comment explaining what you would do if you ever were to encounter such a situation.