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For a long time the word ‘diva’ has had a negative meaning. It was not until recently that people have started to use the word in a different way and see that being a diva is not as bad as it seems. The context that I use the word diva in is  a classy, independent, and headstrong women that is pursuing a better future.

This website represents the transition that we face being in our mid twenties. We have to get into our careers, manage relationships, and deal with everyday life. There are going to be obstacles and chooses to make, but that’s all a part of the adventure. Mind of a Diva is all about the triumphs and struggles that this diva goes through.”


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Not too long ago I wrote about my trouble with practicing patience and I’m slowly starting to find some answers. Even though I haven’t found a way to be patient all the time, I am starting to understand the principle. As hard as it is to be patient and there is a reason why time makes a difference.

A good source once told me that the reason one has to be patient is because it builds up time for the event to occur. If we are given what we are waiting for instantly then what would be the value in it? It would be the same as a child that is given a bike they want when they want it. They will ride it for a while, but then forget about it.

However, if there is a kid that wants a bike but has to wait a period of time till they get it then the value goes up. They will ride with it repeatedly and maintain it. The same goes for adults and the different things that we have to practice patience for, the value of it is more significant if we have to wait for it. We appreciate it more and therefore we will take care and maintain it.

Even though I know this about valuing what is given to you, it hasn’t made waiting on anything easier. It has only given an explanation to it that I can respect. Maybe this will help someone deal with the anxiety that comes with being patient, but I still have a way to go.