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About 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine updated her fb status asking if anyone had any suggestions on potty training little boys. Hmm…let’s see, I have a 4-year-old son. I’m sure I can give her some advice seeing as though I have recently been through it. I commented on her status with the methods that worked for me. A pregnant girl I know, let’s call her Michelle, also commented. She said something about rewards, like giving them rewards will make them go. It was something to that effect. Everyone else is commenting back like, we haven’t heard of that method. LOL Michelle comments again, she says she’s serious about the rewards thing and that she has been reading all the mommy books and parenting books.

Now, y’all know I’m silly! I comment back, “Michelle that is for white people, that shit doesn’t work with us lmao”. My comment was obviously a joke. She comments back, “I don’t see how a child’s race has anything to do with potty training, but ok!!”. I see this comment and I’m like WTF! I respond, “It was a JOKE!!” and to my knowledge that was the end of it. She was the only one who took it that far. Everyone else who commented on the status saw and understood that it was a damn joke! Like I said, this was about 2 weeks ago.

In the mail this weekend, I received an invitation to Michelle’s baby shower. Now, I’m already like wth because we don’t know each other that well. We haven’t ever hung out or anything. The other day I was cleaning up my friends list, deleted a bunch of people. I cut the list down to 272. This morning I went to my profile, and I saw that I had 271 friends. Guess who the missing link is? Yup! None other than Michelle. LMAO Are you serious? Not only did she delete me, she also blocked me! Again…LMAO! Are you serious? I know she blocked me, because we were both just commenting on another mutual friend’s status yesterday. You can see that she’s talking to her but I can’t see her comments or anything. LOL!!

Honey, it is not that serious! At all! What type of shit are you on? You mail me an invitation to your baby shower but delete and block me off of your fb! Who does that? LOL I mean, really! Why the hell did you invite me? Did she think I wouldn’t notice? I really don’t care. It’s just funny to me! Apparently, my comment was just too much for her. Get over it! It was not that serious! You’re the only one who took it out of context, and you look like a FOOL! The joke’s on you LMAO Honestly, does she think I’m going to show up at the shower? HELL NO! For what?! No thank you LOL

This whole situation is just dumb! People need to stop trying to read between the lines when there is nothing there! Get over yourself! You are not that important and I promise you it didn’t ruin my day that you deleted and blocked me. It just gave me some laughter. Thanks! In the meantime, I have more important things to do. You know, being a mom, getting my education, taking care of home. Things like that. LOL!