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Lately I had been hearing a lot of talk about an upcoming film ‘For Colored Girls’, adapted from the 1975 stage play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf. Some of the feedback about the movie was bad and some was good. The bad feedback was almost always about Tyler Perry. I do and I don’t understand. I think Tyler Perry does a great job at what he does. I think he portrays ‘us’ in a good way, something you don’t see that often. All the ‘black’ movies are based on a bunch of bad stuff. His movies don’t show us having ‘the great life’, but they do show the struggle and overcoming it! What’s wrong with that? He had covered many issues in our community! People are more concerned about the Madea character. Let’s be real, OLDER black women were (and some still are) like that! My great-grandmother was like that! She didn’t have a gun, but I’m sure if she did, the bitch would be just as crazy lol! Get over it people! Stop focusing on the dumb shit and focus on the positive, the things that matter, the issues he focuses on in the movies!

Anyways, I watched the trailer for the movie and I was in complete awe! I’m dying to see this movie! How could you not want to see it? Especially knowing the back story of the stage play, adapted to a book, television movie and now screenplay! And Four Women by Nina Simone, absolutely POWERFUL! I’m sold! I plan on finding the stage play and watching it, reading the book, watching the television movie and I’m DEFINITELY going to see the movie!

Have you watched the trailer? What are your thoughts? Do you know anything about it?

Here is the song from the trailer!