It’s been almost a week since I had surgery. I had Laparoscopic Unilateral Salpingo-0ophorectomy  which is the removal of one ovary and one fallopian tube. Today I went to the doctor for a follow-up visit. He checked all 3 incisions and said they are healing fine. The healing process will take weeks and the incision on my right side will take the longest and hurt the most because that’s the one where they took everything out of.

He also mentioned that during the surgery he noticed a tiny cyst in my left ovary. He said that it’s nothing to worry about right now, that’s why he didn’t bother it during the surgery. He also said that he will keep an eye on it, if it doesn’t grow…great. If it does grow, he will have to remove that ovary and fallopian tube as well and I will no longer be able to have kids. I’m hoping and praying that this one remains harmless because I do want another child. I think I would be devastated if I couldn’t. And adoption just isn’t for me!

There really isn’t much to say right now except that I hope this recovery is speedy! I’m ready to get back to normal. Oh,  he gave me pictures of everything too! Take a look…I thought they were pretty interesting! These are pics of MY actual insides! Now you know me inside and out! LOL!!