1. If you see me out and about, PLEASE don’t scream my name out and expect me to know who you are. If you know me well enough to acknowledge me in the street, then you know damn well I can’t see. Identify yourself or I will just ignore you. I don’t give a fuck!!

2. I hate Spanish drivers! You always get stuck behind them and the person driving has no fucking clue what they’re doing or where they’re going. If I catch you at a red light, I’m gonna cuss your non-driving ass out! I don’t give a fuck!!

3. OMG please teach your kids how to cross the damn street! I’m sick of seeing these little bitches and bastards stepping out into traffic as I’m supposed to come to screeching stop for them. Umm…no! Get the fuck out of the street and use the cross walk, that’s what it’s for! Parents – put the weed and alcohol down and take your lazy ass to school board and get a crossing guard for your kids. Every other high school in Mercer County area has one, so why doesn’t Trenton High? Oh yeah…cause it’s ghetto and the parents don’t give a damn about their children’s safety, so why should they? If you’re not in the cross walk, I’m not stopping…period! I don’t give a fuck!!

4. Ok maybe I will stop…just cause their kids LMAO

5. Some BIG girl in my class decided that she was going to lean on the front of her before she sat down and that shit toppled over!! I LMAO because I don’t give a fuck!!

6.  I swear if another man who is in a relationship, engaged or fucking married messages me about trying to come see me/get some pussy, I’m putting your ass on blast! #1 I’m in a relationship and #2 so are you and #3 I know who your chick is and I’m telling cause I don’t give a fuck!!

7.  I’m slapping everyone I see who is on social security! Why? Cause I’m paying their social security now and there won’t be any when I need it! So fuck ya’ll lol and give me my $9000 that I’ve already put in! I don’t give a fuck!!

8.  All of a sudden fb wants to act up….perfect timing with ya’ll dumb ass movie coming out! I don’t give a fuck about your movie and I damn sure ain’t paying to see it…why would I pay to see a movie about a website that ISN’T working?!! Fix it you JERK!! I don’t give a fuck about your movie!!

9.  Time to let fb confessions go! There are way too many admins who constantly update and take over my entire feed…and I’m just not beat for nasty shit ALL the time…it’s just TOO much. I’m deleting it cause I don’t give a fuck!!

10. I don’t care that you’re mad at me because I don’t call you anymore. Bitch you don’t ever call me! Fuck your feelings! I don’t give a fuck!!

LMAO I’m done! See ya’ll next time! Muah 😉