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1. The fall semester began almost 30 days ago and so far, things are going good. I’m so proud of myself. I had a math test the other day, I walked out with an 80. I’m happy with that. I know what I need to work on and I’ll be visiting the professor to discuss the problems I didn’t understand.

2. Tyler has spent the last 3 Sundays (not including this one) with his dad. GASP!! Shocking, I know lol. Tyler is happy, so I’m happy.

3. My chiropractor referred me for an EMG (electromyogram). I went for the procedure last week. Let me just say, I don’t ever want to get that done again. There are 2 parts to the test. For the first part of the test, they shock you close to 7 times on each side of your body (where you get shocked depends on your specific injury). The shock was so strong that it literally made my arm fly into the air. The second part of the test uses needles. They stuck me about 5-6 times in each arm. It’s not like getting a regular needle; this needle is going into your muscle and it hurts!! And you bleed!! Long story short, I have some nerve damage and of course that isn’t good. I’m waiting to see what they’re going to do next.

4. I don’t like people! A few weeks ago I told myself that I would keep to myself because it seemed like the only time I actually hung out with people was when I called them or stopped by their house. During those few weeks, not one person called, sent a text or even stopped by my house to say hi or even see how I was doing. Wow! So…those people won’t be hearing from me unless they are the ones to initiate contact. I can’t and won’t be the only one to make any kind of effort. If you can’t make the effort, then you can kick rocks!

5. My son’s father actually thinks that he is going to get sex from me SMH negro please! You’re still with your son’s mom and you have yet to make one payment of child support and you sometimes act like you can’t be friends with me when she is around…dueces!! You will never taste, touch, smell or feel this coochie ever again!

6. FB and some of the people on it are hilarious. I liked FB Confessions at first, but it’s too much sometimes. You don’t have to be vulgar all the time.

7.  What is wrong with you men who are in a relationship, engaged, or married? Isn’t your girlfriend/fiance/wife enough? She should be. If she’s not, oh well, I’m not it. I’m sick of these tired ass men approaching me with that nonsense. My profile clearly states that I’m in a relationship and yours clearly states that you are engaged. In fact, don’t you remember what happened when you sent me these same kinds of messages in the past? I do! Your fiance went into your fb and saw your message. SMH get off my d*ck, I don’t want you now, or ever LMAO

8. I went for a follow-up ultrasound (for the cyst) the other day. It’s still there and it’s been hurting on and off, so the doctor decided to do surgery. Laparoscopic Ovarian Cystectomy to be exact. I’m scheduled for surgery Thursday and I’m a little scared/nervous. Hopefully this will be the end of the cyst for me.

9. I decided to participate in a study for ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer. All I have to do is give some blood and give them a copy of my pathology report and I get $100…yes! The last study I did for them also paid $100 and all I had to do is give them 3 cups of pee lol

 I guess this is it. I can’t think of anything else that I want to share right now or think of anything else that has been going on. Until next time…