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Before I start, let me just say that my brother and his ex are both friends of mine on fb.

Last week I got an email from fb saying that Ellie, my brother’s ex, tagged someone in 2 of my photos. Now, before I even get a chance to look at what picture was tagged and who was tagged in it, my brother sends me a text. He has already seen that Ellie has tagged Jack Spade in two of my pics. I go look at the pictures, and it’s 2 pictures I took of her when we partied together last year. So, I text my brother back and ask “who the f*ck is Jack Spade?” My brother responds and tells me that it’s some guy from NY that she has been hooking up with. We laughed and joked about it because it was stupid of her to tag him in MY album because she has the exact same pictures on her page. That was pretty much the end of it for me. Or so I thought.

I log into fb later that night and I see a bunch of status updates from Ellie. The first few said how misery loves company and she doesn’t need a tracking device on fb and bitches need to stay the fuck out of her business. At first I wasn’t going to say anything at all but then I got pissed and I updated my status. It basically said, it’s real simple, just pay attention to what you’re doing next time…it really is that simple. I was going to leave at that until I saw the next update, and that pissed me off even more!

Ellie: Watz simple is mutha f**kas need to mind they business…period!!! I don’t be in ur shit stay the f**k out of mines…period!!! I keeps a smile on my face cause ain’t no body worth stealin my joy…Love And Live Life ur own…Thank U!!!

Me:  No sweetie, simple is…it’s MY page and I will say WHATEVER I want about what happens on MY page…it wasn’t about minding anyone’s business…think about what you did and tell me how I’m in your business…don’t worry…I’ll wait! LMAO

Me:  It’s still really simple….don’t tag other people, especially someone I don’t know…on my page….see it really is that simple!!! I could go on for days but I’m gonna stop here lol morning ya’ll

Ellie: Well…i am not to familiar with this fb shit i will make sure wat i tag and who i tag shit too…didn’t no that the shit tags people to other peoples pages…but wat is simple is that u did it to start shit !!! all is well trust and believe this to shall pass…love and live life : / IT’S OVER!!! I just thought we we…re better then that my mistake !!! It won’t happen again….

Me:  No one did anything to start any trouble….you made an assumption about something that anyone of 317 people could see and automatically assumed something was said to start trouble n then started with the updates for no reason! We were better than that! Never been the type to cause trouble…u should know, assuming that was my intention is absolutely ridiculous! How does that help anyone?! It doesn’t….just think about it for a second….when have I ever done anything to make things hard for u?!  Last but not least, I just think you were wrong with your original assumptions and the things that followed. We go back…way back and regardless of the bs….I still love you and I always will whether you like it or not!

Ellie: Say no more…Just no that he doesn’t need updates on wat im doin cause he is he and i am me…it’s time to move on peace, love and happiness…u no my heart is always in the right place…ain’t no hard feelings none wat so ever…life is already hard enough…

Me:  Heard you! I don’t give updates, if that’s what is going on, then it goes deeper than me cause I don’t do that!

As you can see, this whole thing went somewhere that it didn’t need to go. It all could have been avoided simply by her tagging Jack Spade in her album. And the fact that she assumed I was trying to cause any kind of trouble was absolutely ridiculous! I would never do anything like that. I care that her and my brother broke up because of how it can and will affect the 3 kids they have together…other than that, I don’t give a fuck. I just can’t understand why she would automatically assume that and then go on fb and make all those updates. Are you serious? Anyways, I’m just saying, people pay attention to what the hell you’re doing on fb or anywhere else. You can’t complain about someone being in your business when you do things in that person’s presence…period! But, umm…yeah, so that’s what happened last week lol

What do you think of this situation?