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Hey everyone! It’s only Tuesday and this week has already irritated the hell out of me. So I decided to do this post to get some thangs (yes, I said thangs lol) off my chest. If you like it…great; if you don’t like it…oh well!

1. Classes started today. I thought that I wasn’t ready to go back, but that all changed when I walked into the classroom. I do have a feeling that a few people will get on my damn nerves. Two people to be exact! The girl wants to slide her cheap ass sandals back and forth making an insanely annoying noise and the guy is constantly texting! I know texting doesn’t seem that bad right? Well his buttons sound like he’s typing on a damn computer! I’m hoping they don’t sit near me in the next class! If they do, I’m getting up and moving! As far as the teacher, I like him but something is off. Every 2-3 minutes he’s sticking his fingers under his arms. At first I was like “wtf is wrong with this man?”, but then I found myself waiting for him to smell his hands like Mary Katherine Gallagher (Superstar) LMAO!

2. My son’s grandmother SMH I think she may be losing it! She’s not really involved with Tyler. She only sees him when I bring him around. She doesn’t ever call to see how he is doing. Anyway, I spoke to her about 2 weeks ago and she said that her birthday was coming up. She makes this statement “Ya’ll (me and my son) better not forget me”. Umm’ excuse me?! Don’t forget you? You mean, don’t forget you the way that you forget Tyler every year on his birthday and holidays?!! Please!! Kick rocks!!

3. My brother’s friend ‘Alison’, who is also a fb friend of mine, called him and said that she thinks I may be suicidal. What the fuck?!! I know I can be angry and have angry status updates, but that DOES NOT mean that I am suicidal! You’ve got to be kidding me! If you paid any real attention to me at all, you would KNOW and see that as angry as I can be, I NEVER stop trying! Do I question things and get upset? Yes…I’m human! There is no sin in being weary, the sin is in giving up!

4. I switched chiropractors. The other chiropractor didn’t do half the things that this new one is doing. I like this one much better and I will be there 3 times a week faithfully!

5. I’m so in love with my bf! Every thing about him, even the things I can’t stand, just drive me crazy! Crazy in a good way. All he has to do is look at me and my heart just melts *butterflies*…don’t hate! LOL!

6. I had a great time in Ohio! Me and my cousin went out to Dave & Buster’s. I found a new drink..Peach Long Island Iced Tea! Mmm…they are sooo good! F*ck a fuzzy naval…that PLIT is where it’s at!

7. I just purchased a new computer, so I plan on blogging a lot more. As long it doesn’t affect my school responsibilities, I should be good!

Until next time, that’s all folks!!