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Yesterday (8/25) I went to the gynecologist for my annual exam and to discuss my options for birth control. I’m able to get the birth control that I want…yay! Upon examining me (the hand examination) I notice the doctor’s face frown. He starts feeling all around in there and he asks me if it hurts. I say no because at the time, it didn’t hurt. As he continues to feel around, he presses down on my stomach and asks me again if it hurts. This time, it did hurt. It hurt like hell. It felt like someone just punched me in stomach…actually it almost felt like a contraction.

Now he tells me I have a cyst, and he can feel it. He says that he’s actually surprised that I wasn’t in pain. Apparently it’s on or in my right ovary. I’m going for an  ultrasound tomorrow (8/27) to confirm. I’m scared and I’m nervous. My mom says it’s nothing to worry about; she had one 2 weeks after she gave birth to my brother (her first born) and it was removed along with her ovary. Most cysts are not cancerous, however, there are some that are. We shall see how this all turns out and of course I’m hoping for the best.

It’s funny that the doctor said he was surprised I wasn’t in pain, because I have been in pain ever since he pressed on my stomach. I guess it’s safe to say he irritated it. According to the doctor, the cyst may explain the bad cramps I have been getting with my period lately (at least 6 months) and the vomitting that occurs with it. It would be nice to get rid of those symptoms seeing as though I’ve never had them before.

My ultrasound is tomorrow and I will do another post to keep you all up to date!

Oh yeah, I just purchased a computer earlier this afternoon, so you will be seeing more posts from yours truly! Thank you all for being supportive and reading my blog!