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1. My neighbors…those nasty mothaf*ckas are moving! I’m super happy LoL! You have no idea! No more animal stink in the hallway. No more unlocked doors! Woot Woot! Goodbye bitches! LoL!!

2. The pot calling the kettle black! Please don’t come at me about anything when you are the most ignorant person I know! Please go sit your pretending ass down you yellow bellied sap sucking son of a bitch! LoL that was grandmother’s saying

3. I’m ready for the fall semester to start. All the necessary paperwork is completed and submittes. I’ll be purchasing my books in a few weeks. I’m going to keep going until the end. After this semester, I’ll only have 6 more classes left. Your girl will have an associates (office systems technology/administrative professional) and I will be a certified medical office assistant. Yeah!!

4. I made a couple trips to the casino and won $200 both times. I think I want to go back! LoL!

5. My relationships is getting better. We both have some things that we need to work on but we’re good!

6. I love my son! He really is my world! He keeps me young LoL always laughing and happy! That’s my baby!

7. This week I’m taking my son to Please Touch Museum. We’re both excited!

8. I haven’t been writing as much, I gotta get back into it.

9. My mom, my son and I will be heading back to Ohio on August 20th! I can’t wait! I miss my Ohio fam…I love them! They are fun and boy do they eat LoL! I’m always down for their cooking!

Well, that’s about it folks! Lata! 😉