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We’re 23 years old and we begin speaking again. She has this new boyfriend that she’s been with a couple of years now. He wants to fuck me; I put him in his place. I go to tell her about it and he has already beaten me to it. He tells her that I wanted to fuck him. Here we go again….she overlooks the entire situation and we remain friends.

Over the next 5 years we have our ups and downs. She seems phony to me at times. She will make a promise and not follow through. I would ask her to do my hair and she would do it, but it was always some bullshit! I overlooked it. Every time she gets a man, she distances herself from me. Just me! Why?! What could I have possibly done to her? Is it because her last boyfriend…well actually EVERY boyfriend or ‘friend’ she has ever had wanted to fuck me, I don’t know.

2006 she meets ‘Ryan’ and they instantly become boyfriend/girlfriend. We’re all cool. He moves in with her and I visit their house from time to time to hang out. He tells her that he thinks I am a good friend to her, she can’t deny it. Jump forward to October 2008, she gives birth to her son and does not inform me until days later. Wow! Who does that to their so called best friend?! I don’t say anything. Now flash forward to April 2009. I’m sitting at home minding my own business and my cell phone rings. I look at the screen and it says Kayla is calling. I pick up the phone, it’s not Kayla. It’s Ryan and he’s crying and upset. He’s telling me that he saw Kayla’s fb and she had been talking about hooking up with another guy. He also went through her cell phone and saw all kinds of inappropriate messages between Kayla and this guy. He’s saying he can’t believe she would do this to him and he’s so hurt!

I go over there and try to calm the situation but it isn’t working. He’s furious with her. 3 days later he’s telling me that I was never a friend to her and that I’m jealous of her. He’s saying things that only she would know about our relationship. She must have been saying this about me to him this whole time. I curse him out and tell him to kiss my ass. I immediately change my number and lose all contact with both of them except for fb. Now he’s using her fb and he’s updating his status talking shit about me and commenting on my status repeating everything he said to me previously. He blamed me for her indiscretions and said that I condoned her living the single life and what kind of friend am I to condone this. Are you serious?! He doesn’t know me that well and he’s saying things that only she could have said about me. I’m wondering if this is how she really feels about me.  I curse him out again and delete her from my page. I never hear anything from her. How could she let this man pick her up phone and call me and say these things?! How could she allow this man to use her fb and say these things to me for the world to see?! I am absolutely furious with both of them, more furious with her!

November 2009 Kayla and I start speaking again. All she says of the situation is that it was a result of an abusive relationship. That’s news to me! So far it seems as though things are going good between us. In February I signed the lease to my new apartment. She offered me a couch because I didn’t have any living room furniture. I accept her offer. She tells me that I just need to have a way to get the couch. About a week after, she came to my house and we discussed picking up the couch later on that morning. She was to meet me there. When it’s time, I round up my crew and head out to pick up the couch. I arrive and she isn’t there. Hmm, where could she be? I call her cell phone several times and she doesn’t answer. I sent 3 or 4 text messages and she didn’t respond. I wait for a half hour; she doesn’t show up. She never showed up and I haven’t heard from her since that morning at my house. A week went by and still nothing. Are you serious? You couldn’t pick up the phone and let me know what was going on? Again, how could you do this to your friend? So as I sit here and look back at the relationship I have with Kayla, I wonder if she is really my friend or my foe. It seems like she is always hurting me in one way or another. After this couch situation, I’m starting to feel like she is my foe. Am I wrong to feel this way? I’ve given you guys as much info as possible, what’s your take on this? Please be honest. I really need to hear the opinions of others on this.