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Now we’re 19. We still hang out as if nothing ever happened. I still treat her as my best friend even with the things that happened in the past. We’re chilling at my cousins and my cousins boyfriend and his cousin ‘Craig’ come end up coming over. Immediately Kayla and Craig are arguing for some reason. She’s calling him all types of names. Kayla ends up leaving and he begins to call her every name in the book; slut, hoe, whore, bitch, tramp, skank, jump off and 40 and a blunt bitch….you get the point.

 About 2 weeks later they pop up at my cousin’s house together! Wth?! Apparently they’re boyfriend and girlfriend! Are you serious?! You’ve got to be kidding me!! Me and my cousin are both in shock and we immediately begin with the teasing. We said we thought it was real funny that they were together after all the things he said about her. Kayla’s like ‘what things? what did you say about me? what did he say?’ I tell her to ask her ‘man’ what he said about her. They leave and that’s the end of it. Well as far as I know it is.

 The next day I’m at my cousin’s house and I get a phone call from Kayla and Chloe. Kayla’s going off on me saying how I could say those things about her. She thought I was her friend and I betrayed her. She said I’ve always been jealous of her and I was jealous that he wanted her and not me. First, I have no idea what she’s talking about. Second, LMAO! I have never been jealous of her because there isn’t anything to be jealous of! Then Chloe, who has only been apart of this friendship for the last year or so, starts putting her two cents in. She’s saying almost the same thing, I’m not Kayla’s friend and I’m jealous of Kayla and I’ve never been her friend. Come to find out, Craig told her everything he said about her but flipped it around and said that I was the one who said it all. Really?! Where dey do dat at? End result, I tell both of them to kiss my ass and I stop speaking to them. I was extremely hurt by all of it and I thought the best thing to do was to remove myself from the situation. I did just that! It lasted for a good year.

To be continued in the next post….