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I’ve been dating this guy for 3 years come December. we are both on fb and myspace and are friends on both accounts. today I logged into fb only to see that he has blocked me from commenting on anything on his page as well as viewing his photos. I am no longer able to see his info either….it has a message at the top of the page that says ‘___ only shares certain information with everyone’ wtf?! he claims that he has deleted the account but I think it’s bullshit! if you deleted your account, why would it give me that message. I know others who have deleted their accounts, their profile wasn’t available at all! I think he is full of shit! what do you think? why would you do that? there is no reason to block me from anything unless you are trying to hide something…I just don’t get it! am I wrong to automatically think that he is trying to hide something….trying to prevent me from seeing something? Smh…I guess I will never understand somethings.